Show: Celebration Service

  • God is a God of Second Chances

    In the sermon, Dr. Mike Harder emphasizes the idea that God is a God of second chances, drawing upon biblical texts like Psalm 103 and the story of Jonah. He argues that God’s character is one of compassion, grace, and abounding love, always willing to give people another chance to turn their lives around. Dr.…

  • The Depths of Despair

    In his sermon at First Baptist Spartanburg, Dr. Mike Harder explores the theme of “waiting on God,” drawing insights from the biblical story of Jonah. He emphasizes the concept of “Kairos,” or God’s perfect timing, and discusses “manna” as a symbol of divine provision. Dr. Harder acknowledges the universal experience of waiting—be it for a…

  • Voices All Around

    Our pastor, Dr. Mike Harder, continues his new series from Jonah – HEARING GOD. Today’s title is VOICES ALL AROUND. Remember we are here for prayer anytime- text back or call 877-443-2273!

  • Hearing God

    Today our Pastor, Dr. Mike Harder, begins his ministry here at First Spartanburg with a series from the book of Jonah on HEARING GOD! We begin with Jonah 1:1-5, Hearing God begins with Listening to God. Remember we are available for prayer anytime talk or text 877-443-2273