Stepping With The Spirit

In Reverend Seth Phipps’ sermon titled “Stepping with the Spirit,” he emphasizes the importance of walking daily with the Holy Spirit and being receptive to God’s guidance. He begins by drawing parallels between parenting a young child and our relationship with God, illustrating how we sometimes feel abandoned or distant from Him. Reverend Phipps discusses the necessity of receiving what the Spirit has for us, responding promptly to God’s call, and continually remembering Jesus’ teachings. He underscores that being in the right place and position to hear from God, such as through prayer, is crucial. The sermon encourages believers to live available to God’s work, to respond without hesitation when the Spirit leads, and to remember and consider Jesus in all aspects of life, allowing His influence to permeate every area. Reverend Phipps calls the congregation to reflect on what might be hindering their walk with the Spirit and to trust in God’s greater plan and power.