God Wants You On His Team

In the sermon “God Wants You On His Team” by Dr. Mike Harder, the focus is on the biblical story of Moses and his journey with God as depicted in the book of Exodus. Dr. Harder emphasizes the importance of actively participating in God’s plan rather than merely observing. He draws parallels between the excitement of playing football and the fulfillment of being an active participant in God’s mission. The sermon delves into Moses’s hesitations and the questions he had about the message, the messenger, and the mission itself. Dr. Harder highlights the signs God provided to Moses, such as the transformation of a staff into a snake and the healing of a leprous hand, as demonstrations of His power. However, he also underscores that while signs can be awe-inspiring, they don’t necessarily change hearts. True belief and commitment come from a deeper understanding and relationship with God. The sermon encourages listeners to move from being mere spectators to active participants in God’s redemptive story, emphasizing that everyone has a role to play in His grand narrative.