The Burning Bush

The sermon “The Burning Bush” by Dr. Mike Harder, from the First Baptist Spartanburg podcast, delves into the transformative encounter between Moses and God, as depicted in Exodus 3. Dr. Harder draws parallels between Moses’ curiosity towards the burning bush and personal instances where individuals feel compelled to stop and investigate unusual occurrences, using a personal anecdote about discovering a cemetery with his family name. The sermon elucidates Moses’ life journey, from his upbringing in Pharaoh’s palace and among his Hebrew kin, to his exile in the desert where he marries and becomes a shepherd. It is in the desert that Moses witnesses a bush ablaze but not consumed, leading him to a divine encounter where God reveals His holiness, a concept unknown until then, and instructs Moses to treat the ground as holy. Dr. Harder expounds on the concept of holiness as being set apart and emphasizes its significance in understanding God’s nature. The sermon, thus, explores profound themes of divine encounter, holiness, and individual purpose, portraying Moses’ experience as a metaphor for moments when people are drawn to explore the unknown and subsequently discover the divine.