It’s Okay

The episode of the Yth Tlk podcast titled “It’s Okay” is hosted by Samuel Phipps and features a conversation with Jordan. The episode starts with both hosts sharing their weekly highlights, touching on personal experiences and challenges, such as trying to quit soda.

The main focus of the episode is the statement “It’s OK not to be OK.” This serves as a springboard for a deeper conversation about mental health, particularly among young people in faith communities. The hosts discuss the pressure to appear perfect and how this can be detrimental to one’s mental well-being. They emphasize the importance of being honest about personal struggles, not just with others but also with oneself.

The episode delves into specific mental health issues like anxiety and depression, explaining what they are and how they differ. The hosts share personal stories and insights, including Samuel’s experience of being diagnosed with anxiety. They stress that it’s crucial to be real and remove the “mask” that people often wear to hide their true selves, especially in religious settings where there may be additional pressures to appear a certain way.

The hosts also talk about the importance of being real with oneself, citing personal experiences and challenges they’ve faced. They discuss the need to take off the “mask” and be honest about what one is truly struggling with. They specifically focus on two prevalent mental health struggles among students today: anxiety and depression. They define what these terms mean and how they are different but related.