God Pursues Prodigals

The sermon “God Pursues Prodigals” by Dr. Mike Harder at First Baptist Spartanburg delves into the story of Jonah and its parallel to the New Testament story of the Prodigal Son. Dr. Harder emphasizes that the story of Jonah is not just about a man and a fish but about God’s relentless pursuit of people who are far from Him. Jonah, like the Prodigal Son, runs away from God’s calling and is angry when God shows grace to the people of Nineveh. Dr. Harder argues that Jonah embodies both the younger and older sons from the Prodigal Son story, illustrating how God pursues us whether we are running away from Him or are distant while staying put. The sermon concludes with the idea that God uses various means, like the fish, the plant, and the worm in Jonah’s story, to bring people back to Him.