Social Mess (Part 2)

The episode “Social Mess Part 2” of the YTH TLK podcast, hosted by Samuel Phipps and featuring Jordan, delves into the complexities and pitfalls of social media use, especially among high school and middle school students. The episode discusses how social media can be like “honey”—sweet and enjoyable but harmful when consumed in excess. It explores the psychological impacts of social media, such as the constant comparison to others and the unhealthy obsession with likes and followers. The hosts also touch on the manipulative algorithms that drive user engagement, often at the cost of mental well-being. They emphasize that while social media isn’t inherently bad, it becomes problematic when it starts to control your life, leading to issues like addiction and idol worship. The overarching message is that there’s always a way out of the “mess” of social media, and that way is often found in spiritual and personal growth.